1131 - Assessment of Liver Iron by R2-MRI data analysis

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This application is for a service that uses measurements from MRI images to calculate iron concentration in the liver.
The majority of transfusion dependent patients have thalassaemia major, a genetic disorder characterised by defective haemoglobin production. Sufferers require regular blood transfusions, and consequently receive excess iron which accumulates causing irreversible tissue damage. The service is designed to optimise iron chelating therapy, a treatment used to remove excess iron from the body, by providing accurate liver iron measurements to determine optimal chelation dose.
The service uses data collected from a standard MRI scanner that are then electronically transferred to a central, offsite, facility for analysis and report (No MRI image is required). The software application is intended to be used in-house as a measuring device, and does not come into direct contact with patients.
The service is indicated for individuals with, or suspected of, systemic iron overload where:
  • a definitive diagnosis of iron overload is required; or
  • monitoring of the liver iron burden is required for ongoing clinical management.

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