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1139 - Measurement and Determination of Procalcitonin (PCT)


Application NameMeasurement and Determination of Procalcitonin (PCT)
Advisory PanelProfessor Peter Cameron
MSAC member (until 31 December 2010)
Dr Shiong Tan
Deputy Chair (until February 2010)
(MSAC member) (until February 2010)
Dr Graeme Suthers
Deputy Chair (from February 2010)
MSAC Member
Professor Andrew Lloyd
Infectious Diseases
Dr Graham Jones
Dr Janet Wale
Consumers' Health Forum of Australia nominee
Dr Daman Langguth
Professor Bala Venkatesh
Date Received by MSAC Secretariat28 April 2009
Stage 1 - EligibilityEligible
Stage 2 - AssessmentAssessment Report - PDF Printable Version (PDF 2,288 KB)
ESC considered this assessment on 12-13 October 2011.
MSAC appraised this assessment on 29 November 2011.
Public Summary Document - PDF Printable Version (PDF 160 KB)
Public Summary Document (Accessible Word 376 KB)
Stage 3 - Formulation of Advice to the MinisterAfter considering the strength of the available evidence in relation to the safety, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of measurement of procalcitonin in serum or plasma for diagnosing life threatening infections and sepsis, and monitoring the course and control of antibiotic therapy, MSAC considered there was currently insufficient evidence to support public funding for measurement of procalcitonin.
Stage 4 - Noting by Minister:
  • advice is not communicated to the Minister until the Minutes of the relevant meeting have been ratified by MSAC members (which may take several weeks)
  • the Minister needs time to properly consider MSAC's advice (and may choose to seek further policy advice from the department before noting the advice)
  • a Government decision to list a service supported by MSAC is taken in the context of other Government priorities: MSAC's support of an application for public funding does not oblige the Government to list the service on the MBS
The Minister noted MSAC's advice 12 June 2012.
Stage 5 - Implementation

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