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1154 - Patient Monitor Module for non-invasive assessment of artificial stiffness and titration of anti-hypertensive medication in Chronic Kidney Disease

Assessment No

Application NameNon-invasive assessment of artificial stiffness by applantation tonometry for titration of anti-hypertensive medication in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKO).
Assessment TypeWithdrawn by Applicant
Description Of Medical ServiceThe measurement of the AiX for estimation of arterial stiffness and monitoring/titration of anti-hypertensive medication.
Description Of Medical ConditionCKD refers to all conditions of the kidney, lasting at least three months, where a person has had evidence of kidney damage and/or reduced kidney function, regardless of the specific diagnosis of disease or condition causing the disease (National Kidney Foundation of America 2002). Evidence of kidney damage manifests as either urinary protein (proteinuria) or albumin (a type of protein that is a more sensitive and specific marker of kidney disease, albuminuria), blood in the urine (haematuria) or scarring detected by imaging tests.
Pre Assessment Meeting-
Stage 2 – Suitability for Assessment7 April 2011
Lodgment of Proposed DAP 20 April 2011
Stage 3 - 1st PASC
(Draft DAP considered)
Stage 3 – Release for Public Comment
(Consultation DAP)
Stage 3 - 2nd PASC
(Final DAP)
Stage 4 - Submission of Collated Evidence-
Stage 5 - ESC evaluation-
Stage 6 - MSAC Appraisal-
Stage 6 - MSAC advice-
Stage 7 - Noting by Minister -
Stage 8 - Implementation-