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1159 - Palliative Care consultation Items

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Application NamePalliative Care Consultation Items
Description of Medical ServiceThe introduction of new MBS palliative care consultation items for the assessment, review of treatment and management of palliative care patients.
Description of Medical ConditionPalliative medicine is not a medical condition, however, it is the study and management of patients with active, progressive, far advanced disease, for which the prognosis is limited and the focus of care is the quality of life. Patients who access palliative care are diagnosed with life-limiting illnesses that may include cancer, neurodegenerative disorders such as motor neuron disease and dementia, stroke, organ failure and multiple sclerosis.

The main work of specialists in Palliative Medicine is to provide comprehensive assessments and management of patients with complex symptom control problems in the setting of multiple co-morbidities. Assessment and management is not limited to physical symptoms but includes social, psychological and spiritual aspects of care also. Palliative Medicine includes support for families and involvement in bereavement care
Consultation ProtocolDate Closed for comments 14 March 2012
PDF version Consultation Protocol (PDF 259 KB)
Word version Consultation Protocol (Word 662 KB)
Final Protocol 12-13 April 2012
PDF version Final Protocol (PDF 99 KB)
Word version Final Protocol (Word 140 KB)
ReportsPDF Version Contracted Assessment Report (PDF 2721 KB)
Word Version Contracted Assessment Report (Word 3057 KB)
MSAC OutcomesPDF Version Public Summary Document (PDF 64 KB)
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Meetings for this Application

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PASC14 - 15 September 2011
12 – 13 April 2012
ESC 13 – 14 February 2014
MSAC 3 - 4 April 2014

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