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1163 - Testing for gastric cancer for access to trastuzumab

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Resubmission: Please see Application 1163.1
Assessment No.1163
Application NameTesting for HER2 status in Gastric Cancer for access to trastuzumab
Description Of InterventionIn-situ hybridisation (ISH) for PBS listing of trastuzumab.
Description Of DiseasePreviously untreated human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) positive inoperable locally advanced or metastatic
gastric or gastro-oesophageal cancer.
Disease GroupCancer
Disease sub GroupGastric
Intervention CategoryInvestigative
Intervention TypePathology
Intervention Sub TypeMolecular Genetics
Received21 April 2011
Stage 2 - Eligibility21 April 2011
Stage 3 - 1st PASC 7 July 2011
Stage 3 - Public CommentDate of released for comment 25 July 2011
PDF version Consultation Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (PDF 1086 KB)
Word version Consultation Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (Word 1283 KB)
Date of closed for comments 18 August 2011
Stage 3 - 2nd PASC14-15 September 2011
PDF version Final Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (PDF 542 KB)
Word version Final Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (Word 1319 KB)
Assessment TypeSubmission Based
Stage 4 - Submission of EvidenceReceived 14 June 2012
The submission has been withheld at the request of the Applicant.
Stage 5 - ESC evaluation11-12 October 2012
Stage 6 - MSAC Appraisal29-30 November 2012
Stage 6 - MSAC advicePDF version Public Summary Document (PDF 697 KB)
Word version Public Summary Document (Word 756 KB)
Stage 7 - Noting by Minister
  • advice is not communicated to the Minister until the Minutes of the relevant meeting have been ratified by MSAC members (which may take several weeks)
  • the Minister needs time to properly consider MSAC's advice (and may choose to seek further policy advice from the department before noting the advice)
  • a Government decision to list a service supported by MSAC is taken in the context of other Government priorities: MSAC's support of an application for public funding does not oblige the Government to list the service on the MBS
Stage 8 - Implementation-

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