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Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC)

1205a- Review of Medicare–funded Wrist Surgery services

This application has been withdrawn.
Assessment No1205a
Application NameReview of Medicare–funded Wrist Surgery services
Assessment Type-
Description Of Medical Service-
Description Of Medical Condition-
Medical Condition-
Initial Meeting -
Stage 2 - Eligibility-
Proposed DAP Received-
Stage 3 - 1st PASC ( Draft DAP considered)16-17 August 2012
Stage 3 – Release for Public Comment ( Consultation DAP)Date of release for comment 15 October 2012
Consultation Protocol (PDF 695 KB)
Consultation Protocol (Word 250 KB)
Date of closed for comments 8 November 2012
(While every effort will be made to ensure that comments received by the close date would be provided to PASC, this could not necessarily be guaranteed.)
Stage 3 - 2nd PASC ( Final DAP)13-14 December 2012
Final Protocol (PDF 505 KB)
Final Protocol (Word 1103 KB)
Stage 4 - Submission of Collated Evidence-
Stage 5 - ESC evaluation-
Stage 6 - MSAC Appraisal-
Stage 6 - MSAC advice-

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