1206 - Single Balloon Enteroscopy System for Obscure GI Bleeding (Small Bowel)

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For single-balloon enteroscopy, a 200-centimetre-long flexible endoscope is fitted with an over-tube that slides over the endoscope. The tip of the over-tube has a balloon. When the balloon is blown up it anchors the over-tube within the small bowel and allows the endoscope to move deeper. Withdrawing the over-tube makes the bowel shorter and straighter, allowing the endoscope to move forward. With the balloon deflated, the over-tube can be inserted further and the endoscope advanced again. The enteroscope works the same as a standard endoscope, allowing the intestine to be fully viewed, inflated with air, rinsed with water, and perform biopsies or therapeutic procedures. Single-balloon enteroscopy can be performed by either the oral or anal route and needs the same preparation as standard endoscopy.

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The medical conditions most commonly diagnosed and managed by single-balloon enteroscopy are associated with bleeding that is either known or suspected to be coming from the small bowel and include blood vessel malformations, ulcers, polyps and tumours of the small bowel. Other less common diseases of the small bowel can also be diagnosed and/or managed using this procedure.

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13 - 14 December 2012
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