1309 - Pain Medicine Professional Attendance Items

Page last updated: 11 July 2016

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Description of Medical Service

Patients referred to a pain medicine physician typically have very complex physical symptomatology, as well as significant psychological, social, occupational and emotional issues relating to chronic pain. Many patients also have significant medical conditions, either related to the symptoms of pain, or as co-existing problems.

A detailed medical history and physical examination, encompassing all aspects of the patients’ physical, psychological, occupational and emotional health is required. The ordering of relevant investigations is required, as well as the formulation of a detailed management plan, which may involve referral to other clinicians, and the planning of appropriate follow-up.

Description of Medical Condition

There is no specific disease or condition which requires initial assessment by a pain medicine physician. Innumerable individual conditions may be responsible for a state of acute or chronic pain.

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12 to 13 December 2013
16 to 17 April 2014