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1330 - Transcatheter closure of a patent ductus arteriosus

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Application number1330
Application nameTranscatheter closure of patent ductus arteriosus
Description of medical serviceTranscatheter closure of a patent ductus arterious is now standard management for this lesion. The procedure is usually performed under general anaesthesia and access is obtained utilising both the femoral artery and femoral vein. Angiographic images are obtained of the patent ductus arteriosus prior to closure. The patent ductus is then crossed with a catheter and an occlusion device is deployed which will result in complete occulusin of the patent ductus.
Description of medical conditionThe patent ductus arteriosus is a vessel which communicates between the aorta and main pulmonary artery. It is a vessel which is present in foetal and should close following delivery. In those patients who do have a persisting patent ductus they can develop symptoms of cardiac failure and in the adult population there is a risk of endocarditis and late ventricular failure. The mechanism of this is increased blood flow to the lungs and left ventricle.
Stage 1 – Pre-assessment meetingNot required
Suitability for assessment agreed28 August 2012
Stage 2 - Lodgement of Proposed DAP from Applicant13 August 2012
PASC meeting (Draft DAP)13 – 14 December 2012
Release for public comment (Consultation DAP)11 February – 22 March 2013
PDF version Consultation Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (PDF 313 KB)
Word version Consultation Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (Word 172 KB)
Second PASC meeting (if applicable)Not applicable
Final DAPPDF version Final Decision Analytic Protocol (PDF 221 KB)
Word version Final Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (Word 175 KB)
Stage 3 - Submission of evidence (Assessment Report)Contracted Assessment
PDF version Contracted Assessment Report (PDF 378 KB)
Word version Contracted Assessment Report (Word 237 KB)
ESC meeting13 – 14 June 2013
Stage 4 - MSAC meeting1 August 2013
MSAC minutes and PSDPDF version Public Summary Document - August 2013 (PDF 205 KB)
Word version Public Summary Document - August 2013 (Word 98 KB)
Date noted by Minister-
Date of implementation (if applicable)-

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