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1346 - Amendment to MBS Item 11820

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Assessment No1346
Application NameAmendment to MBS Item 11820
Assessment TypeFit-for-purpose
Description of Medical ServiceCapsule endoscopy is currently listed on the MBS for investigation of obscure gastrointestinal bleeding (Item 11820) and small bowel surveillance of a patient diagnosed with Peutz Jeghers syndrome (Item 11823)
Description of Medical ConditionCapsule Endoscopy is used to investigate an episode of obscure gastrointestinal bleeding, using a capsule endoscopy device. The patient may present with recurrent or persistent bleeding; and is anaemic or has active bleeding; and an upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and a colonoscopy have been performed on the patient and have not identified the cause of the bleeding.
Pre Assessment MeetingN/A
Stage 2 – Suitability for AssessmentDecember 2012
Lodgement of Proposed DAPN/A
Stage 3 – 1st PASC (Draft DAP considered)N/A
Stage 3 – Release for Public Comment (Consultation DAP)N/A
Stage 3 – 2nd PASC (Final DAP)N/A
Stage 4 – Submission of Collated Evidence13 February 2013
Stage 5 – ESC Evaluation13-14 June 2013
Stage 6 – MSAC Appraisal1 August 2013
Stage 6 – MSAC AdvicePDF version Public Summary Document - August 2013 (PDF 219 KB)
Word version Public Summary Document - August 2013 (Word 111 KB)

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