1385 - Shared Medical Appointments (SMAs) for Type 2 Diabetes Management

Page last updated: 25 October 2016

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Description of Medical Service

SMAs are medical appointments carried out individually in a group of consenting patients by
a GP and 2-3 other health professionals. They are led by a GP and include a Practice Nurse (PN), facilitator (diabetes educator, dietitian, psychologist etc) and a Documenter who details
medical records in real time.

Description of Medical Condition

Patients with diagnosed Type 2 Diabetes (T2D), or pre-diabetes (with an accompanying chronic condition) as determined by HBA1C or other accepted measures of hyperglycaemia. T2D is an inflammatory metabolic disorder determined largely by lifestyle (and thus largely preventable), which is in epidemic proportions in western countries, including Australia.

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New MBS item

Medical Service Type

Single consultation

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Not Applicable

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16 April 2015
11 - 12 December 2014


11 - 12 February 2016


30 - 31 March 2016