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1390 - Epicutaneous Patch Testing

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Comment on the Draft protocol is required by 1159 on 14 November 2014

Application Number1390
Application NameEpicutaneous Patch Testing
Description of Medical ServiceEpicutaneous patch testing is a standardised testing procedure to diagnose allergic contact dermatitis.
Description of Medical ConditionAllergic contact dermatitis is a skin condition which normally presents as an itchy, red, blistering and swollen uncomfortable skin rash. The terms eczema and dermatitis are often used synonymously but are most easily thought of as either coming from outside, from exogenous skin contact with allergens such as allergic contact dermatitis (and also irritant contact dermatitis) or various forms of endogenous eczema coming from an inherited predisposition, such as atopic eczema.
Draft ProtocolPDF Version Unratified Draft Protocol for Consultation (PDF 362 KB)
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PASC14 and 15 August 2014

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