1392 - Corneal Collagen Cross Linking as early intervention in progressive keratoconus

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Corneal collagen cross linking is a treatment first described about 10 years ago. It involves soaking of the cornea with a solution of riboflavin 0.1% and dextran. An ultraviolet A light source is shone onto the cornea. The effect is to increase inter molecular bonds between collagen fibres and stiffen the cornea reducing the risk of progression of ectasia.

Description of Medical Condition

Keratoconus is a condition that progresses in the late teens and early twenties and the cornea becomes progressively more ectatic and the vision deteriorates. Treatment may involve hard contact lenses. Eventually it may become impossible to fit or wear lenses and in this situation corneal transplantation may be required. Although a successful treatment corneal transplantation is a major operation with potentially significant risks to good vision. A treatment to slow progression of the disease is clearly desirable.

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