1467 - Obstetric MRI

Page last updated: 01 November 2018

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Description of Medical Service

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the abdomen of a pregnant woman.

Description of Medical Condition

Pregnant patients at or after 18 weeks gestation with:

* suspected fetal abnormality following indeterminate / incomplete or non-diagnostic tertiary ultrasound by a maternal fetal medicine specialist service; or

* suspected placental adhesion disorder following indeterminate / incomplete or non-diagnostic ultrasound performed at a centre providing obstetric / surgical care for pregnant women with placental adhesion disorders

Pregnant patients of any gestation with acute abdominal pain following indeterminate / incomplete or non-diagnostic ultrasound referred by an obstetrician, emergency medicine, surgical or general medical specialist

Reason for Application

New MBS item

Medical Service Type

Investigative medical service

Previous Application Number

Not Applicable

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12 April 2017


8-9 February 2018


28-29 March 2018