1475 - Ablative fractional laser resurfacing for burn scar treatment

Page last updated: 15 June 2018


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The advent of fractional ablative resurfacing represents a milestone in burn and reconstructive surgery to restore the functional and aesthetical integrity of a burnt body and has recently been added to the routine treatment for burn scar reconstruction. The laser should especially help fill the cleft between occupational therapy and surgical intervention, in some cases replace reconstructive procedures or be used before surgery to soften scars and improve surgical outcomes. Its use can positively influence immature scars, hence limits morbidity and accelerates rehabilitation. By including this approach into the standard practice, burn scars can be treated holistically and minimize the extent or sometimes even avoid reconstructive surgery.

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Scarring remains a major clinical outcome of severe burn wound healing and other medical conditions where large areas of skin are affected. Despite assiduous efforts in traditional scar management, severe scars often persist to significantly diminish quality of life by disfigurement, pain, itchiness, inability to sweat, abnormal heat sensitivity, and by contractures restraining the motion of body and joints of affected patients.
Traditionally burn scars are treated with non-surgical therapeutic options and a great variety of surgical techniques. However, most of these surgical approaches are associated with considerable morbidity, involve a lengthy painful process, time off work, and admission(s) to the hospital.

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