1612 - Prostatic urethral lift procedure for men with benign prostatic hyperplasia

Page last updated: 12 October 2022

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The prostatic urethral lift procedure is conducted by installing small permanent implants transurethrally under endoscopic guidance to lift apart the obstructing lateral lobes and reduce urethral obstruction. The procedural objective is to create a channel through the anterior aspect of the prostatic fossa. The implant is comprised of a monofilament with a nitinol capsular tab on one end and a stainless steel urethral end-piece on the other.

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BPH is one of the most common diseases of the prostate, characterised by an enlargement of the prostate causing the urethra to narrow and place pressure on the base of the bladder. Narrowing of the urethra can cause problems with the passing of urine in several ways. Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is often associated with lower urinary tract symptoms (LUTS) which in BPH may be obstructive (includes symptoms such as delay or straining when starting to pass urine, and slow flow of urine) or irritative (includes symptoms such as urgent or frequent urination during the day and night). Furthermore, LUTS associated with BPH are often accompanied by sexual dysfunction, including erectile dysfunction (ED) and ejaculatory problems. While not life-threatening, BPH can be detrimental to a patient’s quality of life. When symptoms of BPH increase in severity, surgical treatment will be considered. Surgical therapy of the prostate is indicated for patients with severe or high impact symptoms.

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