1712 – Out-of-laboratory sleep studies in the diagnosis and management of sleep disordered breathing in children & adolescents

Page last updated: 18 June 2024

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Description of Medical Service

Overnight investigation of sleep (8+ hours) outside of a sleep laboratory, consisting of:

  • Full polysomnography - which records brain waves, oxygen level in the blood, heart and breathing rate, as well as eye and leg movements;
  • Cardiorespiratory study - which monitors heart rate, airflow and oxygen level in the body; and
  • Overnight oximetry monitoring to screen for obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) in children living more than 50km from an accredited paediatric sleep laboratory - which provides a continuous measure of heart rate and amount of oxygen in the blood overnight.

Description of Medical Condition

The most prevalent type of sleep disordered breathing is OSA, which is characterised by a narrowing of the upper airway that impairs normal breathing during sleep. This causes the brain to wake you from your sleep for a few seconds, and can happen hundreds of times a night, resulting in a very-broken sleep.

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Investigative technology

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