1732 – Imlifidase as a desensitisation treatment to enable kidney transplant in highly sensitised adult transplant candidates

Page last updated: 13 October 2023

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Description of Medical Service

Imlifidase is a treatment used to prevent the body from rejecting a newly transplanted kidney. It is used before transplantation in people who have antibodies against the donor kidney and are considered ’highly sensitised’ based on a positive crossmatch test. It is a desensitisation treatment, used to convert people from crossmatch positive, to negative and therefore reducing the likelihood of the recipient's body rejecting the donated kidney.

Description of Medical Condition

End-stage kidney disease is defined by partial or completely failed kidney function. Patients require regular dialysis or a kidney transplant for survival.

Reason for Application

Highly Specialised Therapy- National Health Reform Agreement

Medical Service Type

Therapeutic technology

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Not Applicable

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