1744 – 177Lutetium(nca)-DOTA-octreotate treatment for advanced neuroendocrine tumours and other high somatostatin receptor expressing tumours

Page last updated: 27 February 2024

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177Lutetium(nca)-DOTA-octreotate is a radiopharmaceutical administered by infusion to patients with progressive or symptomatic Neuroendocrine Tumours (NET) if molecular imaging techniques demonstrate much higher levels of somatostatin receptors on the majority tumours sites compared to normal tissues. The initial treatment cycle most commonly comprises 4-5 infusions, given 6-8 weeks apart, and responding patients may be re-treated multiple times if symptoms recur or further tumour progression occurs.

Description of Medical Condition

Neuroendocrine tumours arise in a range of tissues from cells that function to regulate bodily function by secreting bioactive compounds, particularly peptide hormones. These tumours can be slowly or aggressively growing with excessive hormone secretion often adversely affecting the patient’s quality of life in lower-grade tumours, while high-grade tumours cause compromise of organ function and tissue integrity leading to premature death.

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Therapeutic technology

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