Post MSAC Process

Page last updated: 09 August 2016

  • Following the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) meeting, the Application Manager will formally advise the applicant of the high level MSAC outcome via a telephone conversation. Later, once ratified, the Public Summary Document (PSD) is provided to the Applicant for comment.
  • The MSAC PSD captures MSAC deliberations and key recommendations.
  • MSAC deliberations result in a recommendation to either:
    • Support funding
    • Not support funding
    • Defer consideration
  • The Applicant is also provided the option for a post MSAC debrief with the Department of Health (department).
  • MSAC advice is not subject to ‘appeal’ by the Applicant. However, if a recommendation not to support funding is made, applicants can resubmit. When resubmitting, applicants are encouraged to address the issues outlined in the PSD.
  • Once the MSAC has considered an application at an MSAC meeting, its advice will inform a decision by the Minister of Health in relation to public funding.
  • New policy proposals will be developed by the department and include liaison with central agencies and the applicant/clinical experts where relevant.
  • The department will provide advice to the Minister on MSAC deliberations and seek authority to put forward the new policy proposals through the Budget or Mid-Year Economic Fiscal Outlook (MYEFO) process.
  • The Budget is brought down by the Treasurer on the second Tuesday of May each year.
  • The Government also provides a Mid-Year Economic Outlook which updates information contained in the Budget, by the end of January each year.
  • The Government will decide whether public funding should be granted based on MSAC advice and advice from the department.
  • There are no specific timeframes for listing on the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) as the decision to list is subject to government consideration. However, once approved, the department will implement the decision of Government through amendment to regulations and/or other instruments for the listing of the recommended service on the MBS.

Additional considerations for listing services on the MBS

Co-dependant technologies

  • Co-dependant technologies are medical technologies that rely on another technology to achieve its intended purpose or enhance its effect.
  • Co-dependant technologies usually require advice to the Minister from two different expert advisory committees because listing needs to occur under two separate funding programs (for example, Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS) and MBS, or MBS and Prostheses List). More information on co-dependant technologies is at: What is co-dependent technologies?

Listing of a prostheses device

  • Some MSAC applications are for services that will use an implantable medical device that may meet the criteria to be listed on the Prostheses List.
  • The Prostheses List Advisory Committee provides advice to the Government about the listing of devices on the Prostheses List and the benefits that should apply.
  • Sponsors may make applications to list devices on the Prostheses List at the same time as the associated service is considered by MSAC.
  • Devices will not be listed on the Prostheses List until an item for the associated service is included on the MBS.
  • Information about the Prostheses List and application process may be found at:

Listing of a therapeutic pharmaceutical

  • For a therapeutic pharmaceutical, the Minister will decide whether public funding should be granted based on MSAC advice, Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee advice, and advice from the department.
  • The medicine will follow the usual steps for listing on the Pharmaceutical Benefits Schedule (PBS), for more information:
  • The department will implement the decision of Government through co-ordinated amendments to regulations and/or other instruments for both technologies.