Page last updated: 21 January 2021

A review of the MSAC Guidelines (the Review) has commenced to ensure assessment processes are aligned with best practice in health technology assessment for therapeutic and investigative medical technologies and services. The updated guidelines will provide guidance for newer technologies including for genetic testing for heritable diseases and other screening tests and the updated templates will align with the updated guidelines.

The Review is still underway.

Please continue to use the current Guidelines and Templates on this page until further notice.

Applicant Guidelines

To apply for public funding Applicants are required to provide a completed application form which, among other things, confirms lobbyist status and requests the Applicant provide a statement of clinical relevance from an associated professional body/organisation and consumer group.

Application Form Guidelines

Application Form Guidelines (PDF 1106 KB)
Application Form Guidelines (Word 104 KB)

Technical Guidelines for preparing Assessment Reports

The Guidelines for preparing Assessment Reports for MSAC (Investigative and Therapeutic Guidelines) and associated Assessment Report templates are intended to provide practical information on how to present evidence to MSAC when seeking Australian Government funding of a medical service. Although the Guidelines have been written for Applicants and Health Technology Assessment Groups from the medical profession and industry, they are also intended to provide information to other interested stakeholders, including clinical and patient groups, and the general community.

It should be noted that the text within the Assessment Report templates have been written in red hidden text which provides instructions or suggestions for completing the different sections of the template. It is envisaged that this will assist the members of the Evaluation Sub-Committee and MSAC by providing information in a standard format.

Investigative Guidelines for Preparing Assessment Reports (PDF 3216 KB)
Investigative Guidelines for Preparing Assessment Reports (Word 2390 KB)

Therapeutic Guidelines for Preparing Assessment Reports (PDF 2032 KB)
Therapeutic Guidelines for Preparing Assessment Reports (Word 1114 KB)

Applicant Templates

Application Form Template

Application Form (PDF 933 KB)
Application Form (Word 87 KB)

Assessment Report Template

SBA or Contracted Assessment Report Template - Investigative (PDF 1013 KB)

SBA or Contracted Assessment Report Template - Investigative (Word 695 KB)
SBA or Contracted Assessment Report Template - Therapeutic (PDF 670 KB)
SBA or Contracted Assessment Report Template - Therapeutic (Word 577 KB)

Consultation Survey

This feedback survey relates to the application form and Population, Intervention, Comparator and Outcome (PICO) Confirmation for new and amended requests for public funding (including but not limited to the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS)).

Please use this template to prepare your feedback on the application form and/or the PICO Confirmation. You are welcome to provide feedback from either a personal or group perspective for consideration by the Department of Health when the application is being reviewed.

Consultation Survey (PDF 623 KB)
Consultation Survey (Word 70 KB)

Clinical Utility Card Proforma

Below is the Clinical Utility Card Proforma (CUC Proforma) to be used by applicants and assessment groups for assessment reports related to genetic testing for heritable mutations. See Application 1411.1 for an example.

To apply for public funding using the CUC Proforma, intending Applicants are required to first provide a completed Application Form (using the Application Form Template). This part of the usual MSAC process helps inform a determination, as part of the suitability process, of whether the Clinical Utility Card proforma and process might apply. It is recommended that the proposed populations and proposed interventions are defined in the Application Form consistent with the approach recommended in the CUC Proforma.

CUC Proforma (PDF 180 KB)
CUC Proforma (Word 101 KB)

CUC Glossary (PDF 112 KB)
CUC Glossary (Word 79 KB)

Integrated codependent submissions for tumour-agnostic or pan-tumour cancer medicines

The MSAC Executive has commissioned and endorsed the following two complementary documents to provide context and background into the emerging area of testing biomarkers to help determine eligibility for cancer medicines to be used in metastatic cancer across solid tumour types. Although primarily directed at one such example, these documents are also intended to help applicants and assessment groups consider those aspects which might also be relevant to other examples in this emerging area.

Discussion paper on pan-tumour biomarker testing to determine eligibility for targeted treatment
Discussion paper (PDF 1524 KB)
Discussion paper (Word 304 KB)

A review of the current testing methodologies for the detection of mismatch repair deficiency in tumours
Review paper (PDF 902 KB)
Review paper (Word 85 KB)