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Technical Guidelines for Therapeutic Services

Please find below the draft Technical Guidelines for preparing assessment reports for the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) – Service Type: Therapeutic (Technical Guidelines for therapeutic services). This draft is released for the purpose of consultation.
This is the first release of draft Technical Guidelines for preparing assessment reports for MSAC with others to follow for Investigative Services and Consultation Services.
It is not intended that the document individually provides all the information applicants may need during the process of an MSAC assessment, only information relating to the development of a submission of evidence for assessment by the Evaluation Sub-Committee (ESC) and MSAC for a therapeutic service. Some elements of the Technical Guidelines for therapeutic services are not yet complete. Additionally, some information is not intended to be included. For example: The Department of Health and Ageing seeks the views of all stakeholders about the information included. Where incomplete, the views of stakeholders are also welcome about the proposed content or where additional content may be useful to an applicant. Feedback may be provided by email to the HTA Mailbox.
The final date for feedback from stakeholders is 23 November 2013. Following this, comments will be reviewed and changes drafted for consideration by MSAC.
During this consultation process, and while revisions are made, applicants may use these draft Technical Guidelines as a source of advice when developing submissions

MSAC Application Form

The Department is seeking to engage with stakeholders regarding the MSAC application form which has been amended to combine Parts A, B, C and D of the current application forms into one form to reduce repetition. The form has also been designed for users to complete electronically using Microsoft Word form fields with these fields expanding automatically when text is entered. As this document is under review, please contact the the HTA Team on (02) 6289 7550 for a copy of the current documentation.
More information on the MSAC application form can be found on the "How to list on the MBS" webpage.

Information Sessions held in March and April 2013

For copies of the Information Session presentations held in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane on 21 and 22 March and 10 April respectively, please email the HTA Team.


After the 60th meeting of the Medical Services Advisory Committee's minutes for the following applications appraisal are available:

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Completed Reviews, Assessments, Public Summary Documents and Assessment Reports

After the Medical Services Advisory Committee's consideration and noting of the advice by the Minister, the following completed reviews, assessments, public summary documents and assessment reports are available:

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Website

The website is part of the Australian Government's response to the December 2009 Review of Health Technology Assessment in Australia (HTA Review) and arose from stakeholders identifying the need to have comprehensive information about Australian Government HTA processes available in one central point in an easy to use format.
The website also provides a portal to the HTA Access Point (referred to during the HTA Review as a single entry point) which will assist potential applicants seeking assessment of co-dependent and hybrid technologies.
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