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1170 - Intensive Care Medicine consultation Items

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Application NameIntensive Care Medicine consultation Items
Description of Medical ServiceThe Intensivist consultations range from routine services to more complex and prolonged services.
    Routine services include the insertion of lines and referral for specialised care, such as total parenteral nutrition.
    Complex services, such as those provided by METs, involve the evaluation of a patient including taking a detailed history, performing a physical examination, the organisation and review of investigations, exploring treatment options, discussion of care plans with the patient and family members, telephone conversations with other specialists, or discussion with a multi-disciplinary team
Description of Medical ConditionCurrently Intensivists use MBS Group A3 professional attendance items 104 and 105.

The proposed intervention would be used by Intensivists instead of items 104 and 105. The new items would also be restricted against MBS Sub-Group 10, Management and Procedures undertaken in an ICU, which include an initial assessment and development of a patient management plan. It is intended that an IC specialist cannot claim a time tiered consultation and an ICU management item within a 24 hour period. If a patient is subsequently admitted to ICU only the ICU items would be claimable. Currently there is no restriction between consultation items and ICU items.
Consultation ProtocolDate of released for comment: 1 February 2012
PDF version Consultation Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (PDF 107 KB)
Word version Consultation Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (Word 297 KB)
Date closed for comments: 14 March 2012
Final ProtocolPDF version Final Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (PDF 110 KB)
Word version Final Decision Analytic Protocol (DAP) (Word 373 KB)
MSAC OutcomesPDF Version Public Summary Document (PDF 90 KB)
Word Version Public Summary Document (Word 93 KB)

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PASC15 September 2011
12-13 April 2012
ESC 13-14 February 2014
MSAC 3-4 April 2014

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