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1332 - Second Opinion for Morphological/Interpretive Pathology

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Application Number1332
Application NameSecond Opinion for Morphological/Interpretive Pathology
Description of Medical ServiceMorphological/ Interpretive diagnosis in the sub specialties of Anatomical Pathology, Cytology, Haematology, Microbiology and Genetic pathology is integral to the diagnosis and management of many diseases, particularly cancers.
For such complex diseases, making a definitive diagnosis can be difficult and a second opinion from a second pathologist with a particular expertise in the condition or type of cancer is sometimes required.
Description of Medical ConditionAny disease that required a tissue sampling procedure to be performed which is found by the original reporting pathologist to be diagnostically challenging or where a second opinion is requested by a doctor involved in the management of the patient (treating doctor).
Consultation ProtocolConsultation Protocol (PDF 529 KB)
Consultation Protocol (Word 425 KB)
Final Protocol Final Protocol (PDF 853 KB)
Final Protocol (Word 822 KB)
ReportsFinal Assessment Report (PDF 1133 KB)
Final Assessment Report (Word 1172 KB)
MSAC OutcomesPublic Summary Document (PDF 495 KB)
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Meetings for this Application

Meeting Type:Date:
PASC15 to 16 August 2013
12 to 13 December 2013
16 to 17 April 2014
ESC 8 to10 October 2014
MSAC 26 to 28 November 2014

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