1402 - Liver Microwave Tissue Ablation

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Microwave thermal ablation (MTA) is a thermoablative technique that uses high frequency electromagnetic energy to produce large ablation volumes in fast procedure times (up to six minutes), with high accuracy and predictability (Swan et al. 2012).
MTA is used to treat patients with surgically unresectable primary hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) or metastatic liver tumours. It can be administered percutaneously, laparoscopically or intraoperatively in radiology departments or in operating theatres (Simon et al. 2005).

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Hepatic resection is currently the only potentially curative treatment for primary and metastatic liver tumours cases (Bhardwaj et al. 2009). They reported a 5 year associated survival of 25-30% of patients and a 25 month median survival (Bhardwaj et al. 2009). However, 75-80% of patients with these tumours are not candidates for surgical resection due to tumour location and extent, poor physiological hepatic reserve from cirrhosis/hepatitis and extra-hepatic disease (Bhardwaj et al. 2009; Swan et al. 2012). MTA may be an ideal treatment approach for these patients.

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