1403 - Lung Microwave Tissue Ablation

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NON-RESECTABLE PRIMARY LUNG CANCER AND PULMONARY METASTATIC DISEASE, destruction of, by percutaneous microwave tissue ablation (MTA), including any associated imaging services. Under multidisciplinary assessment, MTA is conducted in the following circumstances: Surgical resection is not possible due to the presence of lesions in unresectable locations, the number and anatomical distribution, poor cardiopulmonary function and/or other comobidities. Stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) is not available or contraindicated. In conjunction with lung resection, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or other cancer treatments.

Description of Medical Condition

MTA is primarily targeted at the 15% of all patients and 30% of patients aged over 75 years with early stage NSCLC who are not candidates for surgical resection (Dupuy 2013). This ablation modality may also be used in patients with pulmonary metastases, where number and site of metastases, or previous lung surgery, precludes them from (further) surgery (Hiraki 2012).

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