1593.1 - Bioinductive Implant for the repair of rotator cuff tear

Page last updated: 25 May 2023

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Description of Medical Service

Insertion of a bioinductive collagen implant (REGENETEN), to induce formation of new tendon-like tissue that biologically augments the degenerated rotator cuff tendon. The physical and chemical properties of the scaffold provide a layer of collagen between a flat tendon and surrounding tissue, permitting collagen in-growth into the scaffold, and promoting collagen re-modelling with alignment of the collagen fibres in the direction of the stress in the tendon. The scaffold is hydrated in saline and positioned arthroscopically through a small incision over the tendon, with one end overlapping the tendon insertion.

Description of Medical Condition

A rotator cuff tear is the partial or full detachment of the tendon that attaches the muscles from the shoulder blade to the head of the humerus. The cause of the tear is multifactorial and likely a combination of age-related chronic degeneration of the tendon, direct micro/macro trauma, impingement and/or repetitive or vigorous overhead activity of the arm

Reason for Application

Referral from Prostheses List Advisory Committee

Medical Service Type

Therapeutic technology

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