1754 - Patient consultations and surgical procedures for gender affirmation in adults with gender incongruence

Page last updated: 09 February 2024

Application Detail

Description of Medical Service

The application requests amendment to some existing MBS items relating to health assessments, development of multidisciplinary care plans and the creation of a series of new MBS items for gender affirming surgeries. Collectively, the objective of these amendments and additions to the MBS is to facilitate a multidisciplinary best model of care framework for patients pursuing medical interventions for gender affirmation that extends before and after any surgery.

Description of Medical Condition

Gender incongruence is characterised by a marked and persistent difference between an individualīs experienced gender and the assigned sex, which often leads to a desire to ‘transition’, in order to live and be accepted as a person of the experienced gender.

Reason for Application

New MBS item

Medical Service Type

Therapeutic technology

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Not Applicable

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Application Summary and PICO Set

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PASC consultation closed 3 November 2023

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7-8 December 2023