1629 – Defensive Antibacterial Coating (DAC) 5ml Kit

Page last updated: 08 January 2024

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Description of Medical Service

DAC is a kit designed for the preparation of a bio-resorbable antibiotic loaded hydrogel, composed of hyaluronan and poly-D,L-lactide copolymer. DAC must be rehydrated using an antibiotic solution. The DAC+antibiotics hydrogel is applied to the surfaces of implants in the orthopaedic and traumatology fields.

Description of Medical Condition

The kit is intended to be used for patients at increased risk of periprosthetic infection due to colonisation of an orthopaedic implant during the implant procedure.

Condition 1: Patients with comorbidities known to increase the risk of infection receiving a primary joint implant.

Condition 2: Patients undergoing mega prosthesis implantation or major revision joint implants for indications other than peri-prosthetic infection i.e. total joint revision, tumour removal and reconstruction.

Condition 3: Patients undergoing surgery for peri prosthetic infection with implant replacement.

Condition 4: Patients undergoing open reduction and internal fixation.

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Novel, new product

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